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Our Unique Methodology

Powerful media that makes you better at what you do.  

For decades Stage 2 Studios has been assisting organizations by creating media that has more to do with the what’s happening in the future than looking to what has been done in the past.

Arctic Slope Regional Corporation,  November 2014.  Courtesy Hage Photo

Lions, Tigers and Bears! – Wild Animal Sanctuary wins big

Recently the Wild Animal Sanctuary rescued twenty-four animals from a struggling sanctuary in South Dakota. This video tells the powerful story of these animals, and the people who made their rescue possible. The piece won an Emmy award and generated tremendous awareness for the sanctuary.

“I am Iñupiaq” – Traditional values honored with multiple EMMY awards

“I am a father… and like my father before me…”

The opening lines to Arctic Slope Regional Corporation’s “I am Iñupiaq” 2015 campaign,  focus on the legacy of generations of tradition and culture.  The campaign pays reverence to thousands of years of Iñupiaq values and their importance in modern life and workplace.

“Unique Stories, United Mission” – United Way of Mat-Su Campaign

Rural Alaska is a place of contrasts—a region of great challenge and tremendous beauty. This short film tells the story of individuals coming together to form a real community with deep bonds that reach across divides. Stage 2 campaigns have helped United Way raise millions in Alaska, Colorado, and beyond.