Stage 2 Studios is a collaboration of two innovative studios:

Stage 2 Video based in Denver, Colorado produces Emmy-award-winning promotional videos, short films, TV spots and PSAs that inspire audiences and ignite growth.

Stage 2 Interactive near Seattle, Washington develops science-themed apps and games, helping clients like the US Department of Education impact students across the nation, and engaging gamers worldwide.

stage2diagramOur Mission

We are strong supporters of education and community service organizations. Our clients are a mix of for-profit and non-profit entities, and we believe every organization and business must communicate their message effectively.

When it comes to our creative perspective, we are pragmatists. We believe design is a communications tool first and an art form second. Good design channels a particular message and should reflect the client’s or project’s goals, not the designer’s artistic tastes. To this end, we work hard to truly get to know our clients and their objectives before we advise on creative solutions. Our ultimate goal is to produce media that is innovative, engaging and meaningful: the kind of media that gets results.


Our People

David Board  |  Creative Director, Stage 2 Interactive

Trained in graphic design and business administration, David also has a strong background in computer graphics. He specializes in interactive app development and 3D modeling and animation and has developed websites for numerous nonprofit clients including the National Center for Science Education. David has served on the boards of Alaska Family Services, the Alaska Museum of Natural History and most recently as President of the Mat-Su Leadership Council for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Alaska, Mat-Su.

John Conn  |  Creative Director, Stage 2 Video

John has over a decade of experience in video production for TV, long form and short form documentary, and promotional DVD. He brings a unique creative perspective to filming and is an accomplished editor and visual effects designer. John’s educational background taught him the significance of communicating the story behind the message and the power of concept-driven marketing. John served on the Board of Directors of the United Way of Mat-Su.

Susan Board  | Operations Manager, Stage 2 Interactive

Susan had nearly fifteen year of experience in banking before she co-founded Stage 2 Studios. Her extensive knowledge of finance and operations management has been a tremendous benefit to both Stage 2 and its clients through the years. Additionally, she frequently takes the lead on client communications and content management for more complex projects. Susan studied Business Administration at East Texas Baptist University.

Logan Miles  |  Interactive Designer, Stage 2 Interactive

Logan has a background in television and film production. With his double-major in Chemistry and Media for his Bachelor of Science degree from Syracuse University, Logan is personally drawn to projects that combine science and media communications. Logan is a talented producer who holds experience with such networks as MTV, Logo TV, and Syfy


Jazon Burnell  |  Senior Programmer

Jazon holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Science from the University of Alaska, Anchorage, where he also teaches a course in Unity game development. Jazon is a gifted computer programmer, successfully developing two games for the iOS platform, the first of which was published by Electronic Arts. His knack for writing clean, concise code and refactoring old code was extremely beneficial in his role as lead Xbox One programmer on Lifeless Planet.

Jonathan Board |  Business Strategy Consultant

saturnstage2More About Our Name

Stage 2 derives its name from the massive second segment of the Saturn V moon rocket. Advanced rockets like the Saturn V are actually several rockets placed on top of one another. The first rocket, or “stage” ignites on the launch pad and lifts the craft off the ground. Then it drops away and the second stage ignites, taking the crew into outer space. The image at right shows stage two and its engines being lowered by crane onto the first stage in preparation for launch.


Strategic Alliance

Stage 2 Studios represents a collaborative agreement between the independent companies Conn, Inc. of Alaska/Colorado and Board Media Group, LLC of Washington.