Our Unique Methodology

Powerful media that makes you better at what you do.  

For decades Stage 2 Studios has been assisting organizations by creating media that has more to do with the what’s happening in the future than looking to what has been done in the past.

Arctic Slope Regional Corporation,  November 2014.  Courtesy Hage Photo

We at Stage 2 look at media a little differently than the average production studio. To us… it’s not just a way to communicate an organization’s values, goals, products and offerings to an audience.  For us true communication begins within… with reflection…  exploration… and purpose.   We believe powerful media transforms organizations and products, sets the standard for the future and motivates both those within the organization as well as inspiring an external audience to buy in.

Industry leading Technology & Expertise

img_5311.jpgOur production utilizes high end cinema cameras including multiple ShotOnRedLogo.pngRED Digital Cinema systems as well as FAA certified aerial drone photography all filming in higher than 4K resolution.  It’s the same camera gear utilized in Hollywood movies like IronMan, Guardians of the Galaxy and hundreds of television programs like Planet Earth and many others.  Our tools capture incredible imagery, dynamic slow motion and enthrall viewers and excite the senses.


Big Ideas – Intimate Impact

Ultimately, throughout the process it’s less about the equipment and more about the story.  We produce pieces that combine human connection with story in a profound way. Real people making real change in the community through research and innovation.  Our films are concise and powerful and it begins with a goal for each and every video.

Why it works so well

Honest and true.  In today’s marketing age so much of what we see, what we hear, what we experience is a sales pitch.  Each nuance carefully crafted to elicit a response from the consumer, the audience… the flock of sheep willing to buy, to do whatever is placed before them.

At Stage 2 we strive to be different.  Our goal – to disseminate everything you are into a simple, honest storyline that is compelling, powerful and authentic.  It’s the story your audience is craving. It’s the power of media harnessed for good in our world.Stage-2-Studios-EMMY-award-For-Qutoes.jpg

Because your audience, just as you are, are humans. Drawn to story.

Enticed through wonder. Smarter than you can imagine.

Believing in so much more.

It is truly an honor to work beside our clients, our partners.  The brands we represent reflect our organizations values… our mission… our goal.  You inspire us to do even more.

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