Emmy winning campaigns for United Way raise millions across nation

We love our job.

IMG_6249When our heart is stirred, when we’re enthralled by the message of the video we just created… we know it’s a winner.
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And it happens every single time when Stage 2 is creating a new fundraising video for a United Way.  

Put simply… We love being inspired by what this organization does.

UWMS_2017_40Thousand_HD.00_02_38_06.Still003.jpgStage 2 has been producing powerful, high impact fundraising campaigns for United Way for over 15 years.  We’ve served on our local board, partnered with the community impact council and we’ve created year after year of fundraising video campaigns for chapters across the nation. We even created the 125th Anniversary video for United Way Worldwide’s celebration in Denver, CO.

Many of our films have received EMMY nominations and in 2017 United Way of the Tanana Valley’s campaign took home the EMMY!  

UWMS_2017_40Thousand-4K.00_00_45_17.Still002.jpgThe reason these videos are so impactful, so powerful is because we believe in the work that United Way does.  We’ve seen what happens in the trenches, on the front lines for many United Way organizations.  We’ve seen single parents find a hope they never knew existed because of this work.  We’ve seen children achieve unexpected success, unemployed find jobs and hungry receive needed food through the work of United Way.

Lives changed, hearts mended, wounds healed through who our United Way partners are in the world. 

You… inspire us.

See our United Way Campaigns