Employee Training

Virtual Reality/Real Benefits. Interactive experiences that engage staff, improve safety, and lower training costs.

Stage 2 has a proven track record of producing world-class interactive experiences for major educational clients including the US Department of Education. Now we’re pioneering corporate and industrial training with VR, AR and mobile apps.

Increase Retention

Research shows retention rates are up to 60% better when content is delivered interactively. And because VR experiences are deeply immersive, employees are truly engaged with the content.

Improve Safety

Interactive simulations enable companies to train staff on dangerous jobs without the risk. Virtual Reality training takes this even further by simulating the physical space as if the user is truly there.

Lower Costs

Interactive training saves time because it delivers precisely the content you need to convey in a consistent way for every team member. This means on average, training costs drop by 50% or more.

Join the Training Revolution

In Q3 2018, Walmart announced it was purchasing 17,000 Oculus headsets to train its over 1 million employees. In Q4, The US Army ordered 100,000 HoloLens AR units.

The next wave of VR training is here, and we’re bringing it within reach of medium-size business as well.

Proven Expertise in Interactive Education

Stage 2 has successfully built learning modules for the US Department of Education and ETS (the SAT/GRE testing company). We’re also developing a new line of VR apps for science centers in the US and Asia.

We recently surveyed workers for insights on tech-based training

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