Mixed Reality

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Custom VR/AR App Development


Stage 2 has earned a reputation for developing exceptional media on time and under budget. Our 100% US-based team of experts has the artistic and technical experience to craft truly immersive apps and games.

We’ve been trusted by clients like the US Department of Education, National Center for Science Education and Educational Testing Service (the SAT / GRE / PRAXIS test company) for interactive media projects. We can help make your project a reality as well. Contact us for a free estimate on your mixed-reality project.

2018 Museums & Tech Survey and Report


Museums want to do more than survive; they want to thrive. The first step towards growth is insight: the metrics behind the current wave of technological transformation. Download our new survey of Americans’ opinions and attitudes about new technologies in museums including virtual reality, augmented reality and more.

Free Download:
MuseumTechSurvey2018 (Full PDF)

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Virtual Mars


The Space Science Institute (SSI) and Stage 2 are teaming up to create an extraordinarily realistic simulation of a mission to Mars. This immersive experience will deliver the largest explorable area of Mars to-date, including the grand Valles Marineris canyon, and the icy polar regions. Mars Colonial Scout is available as part of the new Science Planet VR interactives, making it easy for educators to add technology-based exhibits. Learn more at scienceplanet.com/vr

Before the Dinosaurs VR


Before the dinosaurs, weird and wonderful creatures ruled the Earth. Get up close with the boomerang-headed Diploceraspis, and meet other Coal-Age Monsters! Before the Dinosaurs: Coal Age Monsters will be available as part of the Science Planet VR collection, releasing in 2019. This new VR platform from Stage 2 Studios makes it easy for museums and schools to integrate technology-based science education content. Learn more at scienceplanet.com/vr