New Burke Museum VR Preview at Annual Curators Dinner


Opening in 2019, a new $100 million facility will become the home of the state museum of Washington. The building is now complete, but the collection of 16 million artifacts has not yet moved in. Stage 2 staff built a VR experience for the new Burke, captivating donors with a sense of scale in the new space including a lifelike model of a massive Columbian Mammoth.

One benefactor at the event told the development director she finally understood what her donations were funding. By actually experiencing the space in VR, she truly got a sense of the scale and potential of the new facility.

Unlike other forms of media, VR totally replaces the user’s view of the world, taking them to other places as if they are truly there. By adding interaction, experiences can be immersive and unforgettable. This all adds up to a powerful tool for fundraising and development.

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