Major institutions and the Federal Government have trusted us for science education apps.
Now we’re pioneering virtual reality.

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We design & develop custom VR apps

Stage 2 has earned a reputation for developing exceptional media on time and under budget. Our 100% US-based team of experts has the artistic and technical experience to craft truly immersive apps and games.

We've been trusted by clients like the US Department of Education, National Center for Science Education and Educational Testing Service (the SAT / GRE / PRAXIS test company) for interactive media projects. We can help make your project a reality as well. Contact us to find out more.


No longer the stuff of science fiction, truly immersive Virtual Reality arrives in 2016. Following in the footsteps of TV, internet and smart phones, this is the final revolution of media technology. VR enables users to experience any destination imaginable as if they are actually there.


Looking at these small and lightweight VR headsets, you'd be forgiven for thinking the experience is also small. But because VR headsets fill each eye with wide-angle view that updates in real time, the user is surrounded with a life-size fully 3D view. Standing at the edge of a virtual Grand Canyon feels as big as the real thing. That's why VR experiences can be so exciting and exhilarating. You simply have to experience VR to truly understand this groundbreaking technology.

Oculus Rift

Stage 2 has multiple head mounted displays (HMDs) in house including the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. This groundbreaking technology utilizes powerful PCs and head motion tracking to deliver the highest quality VR experience possible.

Google Cardboard

We're also developing apps for Google Cardboard, providing broad access to VR content for anyone with a smart phone. VR experiences on Cardboard make it possible to share content with users around the world. You can also create supplemental content so users can enhance their visit to your museum exhibit or other in-place installation.

Original Productions...

Have an idea for a VR experience? Our expert team of designers and developers is ready to build your virtual world. Please Note: our calendar is filling up fast, so please get in touch soon so we can reserve development time for your project.

...or Licensed Apps

Stage 2 Studios is also producing exciting new VR experiences for education and entertainment. These will be available to select clients to customize, brand and license. This is a great way for you to release VR content to your audience for lower cost than an original production.



Coming Soon:
VR Video

Stage 2 VR Camera Rig

In addition to interactive VR experiences, we're also investing in VR video production technology. Soon, you'll be able to experience your real-world video content in 360 degrees. Please contact us to learn more about VR video production.




Virtual MARS

Virtual Mars educational Virtual Reality (VR) experience by Stage 2 Studios

Stage 2 is developing a Virtual Mars experience that takes users to the Hellas region of Mars. Created from NASA terrain data, this unique VR application recreates what it would be like to stand on a real location on Mars. Look down at your feet and you'll see rocks and soil just as they appear on Mars (we sampled imagery from NASA rover missions). Look into the distance and you'll see huge Martian mountains. All of it feels life-size, as if you are actually standing on the planet.


Virtual Museum virtual reality (VR) experience created by Stage 2 Studios

Built for the Oculus head mounted display, this unique VR app demonstrates Stage 2's ability to leverage the benefits of VR in education. The virtual museum includes a number of custom exhibits from dinosaurs to a native mask, but it also brings the outside world in—step to the edge of the museum and look out at an expansive pacific northwest temperate rain forest.

In addition, we're working two additional VR apps for 2017: Virtual Zoo and Virtual Cell.

Zoo Virtual Reality Experience by Stage 2 Studios

Contact us to learn how you can experience these new VR worlds created by Stage 2.

Our experience:

Stage 2 has been building 3D apps and games for a decade, and our founders have been in the industry even longer. We are experts in designing and developing immersive interactive experiences.

Promotional image of the Virtual Science Lab by Stage 2 Studios

We're currently developing a Virtual Science Lab (VSL) application prototype for the US Department of Education's National Assessment of Educational Progress, an authentic and engaging means of assessing 8th grade students knowledge and skills in science and engineering through a first-person interactive virtual laboratory.

Lifeless Planet
Stage 2 developed and published the video game Lifeless Planet, now a hot-selling indie title on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. This sci-fi game promotes interest in space exploration and science, and is also available on Steam, the #1 PC/Mac game platform.


Specialists in Education

Our expertise is cutting-edge media, but our passion is education. If you're looking for a new way to deliver innovative VR content on time and within budget, we'd like to help.

March 21, 2018 - We're currently offering educational discounts to qualifying clients. If you represent a museum, zoo, school or other education-related institution, we can help reduce the cost of an original VR production.



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